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Thanks for your interest in Osom Debugger for Unity. Here you will find all the information you need to start debugging your programs with it. Drop a line in the comments section or feel free to send an email to jorge[at]palacios[dot]co.

Visit ODU’s page in the Unity Asset Store.



Yes, as in free beer.

Easy to use

Just three (3) letters away from your pal “Debug”, and it just looks and behaves very similar to its Unity’s dad.

Outputs to the browser’s JavaScript console

Ever wanted to monitor the log messages in the browser and not messing up with the gameplay’s aesthetics? Now you got it when deploying for web!

Installation and Usage

  1. Import the Unity Package.
  2. Add the ODU object to the scene.
  3. Select its options in the Inspector.
  4. Write down your debug logs using the Debugger class.
  5. Voilá!