Developing a brick-breaker game with Phaser

I’m happy to announce that my first technical book, Developing an HTML5 Brick-breaker Game With Phaser, is out. The book shows you how to create a complete HTML5 game based on brick-breaker mechanics using the framework. It is the result of teaching an introductory course on game development at a local institute which focuses on learning by doing.

Last year the team at Escuela Web offered me the opportunity of being an instructor by creating a course on game development focused on HTML5. Several months later, and after three classes of the course, I’m sharing part of the it with everyone else overseas.

The book is available for download, DRM-free, on:

  • Leanpub (two flavors, three eBook types, plus 50% discount through May)
  • Amazon (basic flavor, a little bit cheaper)


You can play a version of the game on

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  1. James January 7, 2016 at 23:34 - Reply

    For reasons outside my experience, I needed to use phaser.CANVAS instead of phaser.AUTO in setting up the game.

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